The Early Screening Inventory | Third Edition

  • Samuel J. Meisels, EdD
  • Dorothea B. Marsden, MEd
  • Laura W. Henderson
  • Martha S. Wiske
The Early Screening Inventory, Third Edition (ESI™-3) is an individually administered screening instrument that helps identify children who may need special education services. Guidance on using this test in your telepractice.

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  • ESI-3 K Ages 4:6-5:11 Kit English (Print)
    0158245776 Qualification Level A

    Includes Examiners Manual, Manipulative Materials, 25 Kindergarten Record Forms (English), and 25 Parent Questionnaires (English) in a carry bag

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    0158014006 Qualification Level A


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  • ESI-3 K Ages 4:6-5:11 Record Forms English Qty 25 (Print)
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  • ESI-3 Parent Questionnaires English Qty 25 (Print)
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  • ESI-3 P Ages 3:0-4:5 Record Forms English Qty 25 (Print)
    0158245814 Qualification Level A

    USD 62.33

  • ESI-3 P Ages 3:0-4:5 Kit English (Print)
    0158245768 Qualification Level A

    Includes Examiners Manual, Manipulative Materials, 25 Preschool Record Forms (English), and 25 Parent Questionnaires (English) in a carry bag

    USD 265.42

  • ESI-3 P/K Manipulatives Kit
    0158245873 Qualification Level A

    Includes 4 shape and 6 picture cards, 10 red block, button, rubber ball, toy car, reusable 8-foot tape

    USD 47.61

  • ESI-3 Manual (Print)
    0158245806 Qualification Level A

    USD 110.75


Publication date:


Age range:

ESI-P Preschool ages 3:0–4:5; ESI-K Kindergarten ages 4:6–5:11

Cutoff scores based on age norms
Qualification level:
Completion time:
15–20 minutes per child
Individual; paper-and-pencil and online
Scoring options:

Manual or Digital scoring. Digital score report with parent-child activities, and parent questionnaire report.

Guidance on using this test in your telepractice

Product Details

ESI™-3 is a revision of the successful ESI™-R, a popular developmental screening instrument designed to be individually administered to children ages 3:0–5:11. It identifies children who may need special education services to perform successfully in school.

The advantages of parent involvement.

The ESI-3 now includes a questionnaire to capture the primary caregivers' perceptions of the child's development. Adapted from the ESI-R Parent Questionnaire, the ESI-3 Parent Questionnaire has added new items that reflect current research in social-emotional development and adaptive behaviors (e.g., interactions with adults and peers, social communication, and self-help skills).

Scoring & Reporting

ESI-3 is available on Q-global®, Pearson's web-based administration, scoring, and reporting system. It enables you to quickly assess and efficiently organize examinee information, generate scores, and produce accurate, comprehensive reports anywhere, anytime, on any Internet-connected device.

Score Report: Online-generated report which includes research-based parent-child activities.

Parent Questionnaire Report: Details responses to the parent questionnaire, a qualitative questionnaire to capture the primary caregivers' perceptions of the child's development.

Manual Entry: Option to use paper forms to administer the questionnaires, and the Q-global platform to score and generate reports.

What's new with ESI-3?

  • Latest norms and validation studies
  • Additional content to support social-emotional learning
  • Administration in English or Spanish for dual-language settings (in digital and paper and pencil)
    • Digital administration, scoring, and reporting
    • Paper and pencil administration and scoring
  • Revised Parent Questionnaire
  • Research-based intervention recommendations in the form of parent-child activities

ESI-3 Comparison Infographic

Sample Reports




The following resources are available for ESI-3.



Through extensive field research and development of the ESI-3, we gathered your frequently asked questions.

Have the manipulatives changed from the previous version?

All items remain the same with the exception of the blocks.

What do I need to purchase if I am already an ESI-R Customer?

Options available:

  1. Age appropriate kit with all manipulatives and forms
        Option to add a scoring subscription for manual entry to generate reports
  2. Manipulatives Kit + Digital manual + Q-global usages
        0158245873 ESI-3 Preschool and Kindergarten Manipulatives Kit
        0150042981 ESI-3 Q-global Digital Manual
        0150023251 ESI-3 Q-global Score Summary Report
        015002326X ESI-3 Q-global Parent Questionnaire Report

Can I use a combination of paper and digital?

Yes, you can purchase any combination of products. Some customers prefer to have a paper manual, and then purchase digital administration usages.