BASC-3 Flex Monitor

  • Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD
  • Randy W. Kamphaus, PhD

BASC-3 Flex Monitor is a new, flexible way to monitor changes in behavior and emotional functioning. It enables psychologists and professionals in school or clinical environments to monitor and track effects of behavioral intervention plans.

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  • BASC-3 Flex Monitor Q-global Administration/Report Qty 1 (Digital)
    30876 Qualification Level B

    USD 2.30

  • BASC-3 Flex Monitor Q-global Manual (Digital)
    30869 Qualification Level B

    USD 82.80

  • BASC-3 Flex Monitor Q-global Kit (Digital)
    30901 Qualification Level B

    Includes 1 Flex Monitor Manual (Digital) and 10 Q-global Flex Monitoring Administrations/Reports (Digital)

    USD 93.04

  • BASC-3: Identifying and Supporting Students’ Mental Health Needs · On Demand · 3 Hours
    A103000314684 Qualification Level B

    This on-demand training examines the current mental health crisis facing our students and discusses how a broadband assessment of behavior can be used to evaluate the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of students. Specifically, the session explores how components of the BASC–3 can be used to identify mental health issues and how results from these assessments can be used in the interpretation process and to guide BASC–3 interventions and supports. 

    USD 234.57

  • User Level B Training (Mental Health) · On Demand
    A103000360924 Qualification Level A

    This fully on demand training is designed to support and upskill User Level A primary and secondary teachers, special educators, learning support staff, nurses and hospital staff, Allied Health professionals, and other professionals working in the Education and Health industries to help screen, assess and understand an individual's mental health needs by accessing and using User Level B assessments. This training will focus on the BASC 3.

    USD 781.89

  • BASC-3: Promoting Social, Emotional and Behavioural Well-being Development Using the BASC Model · On Demand · 3 hours
    A103000355583 Qualification Level B

    This 3-hour learning track addresses how a well-being focus using the BASC–3 model can be applied in our schools to promote student social/emotional development and address behavioural and mental health issues. This session focuses on a strengths-based approach to screening, assessment, and intervention planning in order to identify behavioural components of student well-being and to support their development. Participants will have access to this session for one year. 

    USD 299.00


Publication date:
Age range:
2:0 - 18:11
Raw score, T score
Qualification level:
Completion time:
5 minutes for each standard form; custom forms vary
Scoring options:
Q-globalTM web-based

Product Details

The BASC-3 Flex Monitor provides a complete picture of child behavior by applying a triangulation method for gathering information.


  • Analyze from three perspectives — self, teacher, and parent — using a comprehensive set of rating scales and forms.
  • Monitor and track the progress of behavior intervention plans.
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of school-wide behavioral expectation programs.
  • Develop custom progress monitoring forms.
  • Promote the involvement of teachers, parents, and students addressing behavioral and emotional concerns.


The BASC-3 Flex Monitor includes teacher, parent, and self-report forms to use in conjunction with a secure online system for administering, scoring, and reporting test results.

  • Forms can be administered digitally using a smartphone, tablet device, or computer.
  • T score norms, based on a nationally representative sample, are automatically calculated and can be used to evaluate change and compare to others of a similar age.
  • Comprehensive reporting for up to 10 administrations of a form details the significance of the change in scores and the number of students that have reached a performance goal.


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