BASC-3 Parenting Relationship Questionnaire

  • Randy W. Kamphaus, PhD
  • Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD
The BASC-3 Parenting Relationship Questionnaire (BASC-3 PRQ) captures parental perspective on the parent-child relationship. Guidance on using this test in your telepractice.

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  • BASC-3 PRQ Child/Adolescent Record Forms Qty 25 (Print)
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  • BASC-3 PRQ Handscore Kit (Print)
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    Includes 1 PRQ Manual (Print), 25 English Preschool Record Forms (Print), 25 English Child/Adolescent Record Forms (Print), 25 Preschool Handscore Worksheets (Print), and 25 Child/Adolescent Handscore Worksheets (Print)

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  • BASC-3 PRQ Preschool Handscore Worksheets Qty 25 (Print)
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    Use in conjunction with the record form to calculate scores

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  • BASC-3 PRQ Preschool Record Forms Qty 25 (Print)
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  • BASC-3 PRQ Manual (Print)
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  • BASC-3 PRQ Child/Adolescent Handscore Worksheets Qty 25 (Print)
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    Use in conjunction with the record form to calculate scores

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  • BASC-3 PRQ Q-global Manual (Digital)
    30905 Qualification Level B

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  • BASC-3: Promoting Social, Emotional and Behavioural Well-being Development Using the BASC Model · On Demand · 3 hours
    A103000355583 Qualification Level B

    This 3-hour learning track addresses how a well-being focus using the BASC–3 model can be applied in our schools to promote student social/emotional development and address behavioural and mental health issues. This session focuses on a strengths-based approach to screening, assessment, and intervention planning in order to identify behavioural components of student well-being and to support their development. Participants will have access to this session for one year. 

    USD 299.00

  • BASC-3: Identifying and Supporting Students’ Mental Health Needs · On Demand · 3 Hours
    A103000314684 Qualification Level B

    This on-demand training examines the current mental health crisis facing our students and discusses how a broadband assessment of behavior can be used to evaluate the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of students. Specifically, the session explores how components of the BASC–3 can be used to identify mental health issues and how results from these assessments can be used in the interpretation process and to guide BASC–3 interventions and supports. 

    USD 234.57

  • User Level B Training (Mental Health) · On Demand
    A103000360924 Qualification Level A

    This fully on demand training is designed to support and upskill User Level A primary and secondary teachers, special educators, learning support staff, nurses and hospital staff, Allied Health professionals, and other professionals working in the Education and Health industries to help screen, assess and understand an individual's mental health needs by accessing and using User Level B assessments. This training will focus on the BASC 3.

    USD 781.89


Publication date:
Age range:
Reading Level:
3rd Grade
T scores and percentiles, for a general population
Qualification level:
Completion time:
10-15 minutes
Scoring options:
Q-global® Web-based Administration, Scoring, and/or Reporting, or Manual Scoring.
Other languages:

Guidance on using this test in your telepractice.

Product Details

The BASC-3 PRQ includes two forms — Preschool or Child and Adolescent — that can be quickly and easily completed by a parent or primary caregiver.


  • Use in school and psychological evaluations to determine an appropriate intervention plan based on parental involvement.
  • Use in clinical and pediatric evaluations where parent involvement is key to an effective treatment plan.
  • Use in family counseling evaluations to assess different parenting relationships, beliefs, and practices among parents or other caregivers.
  • Use in intervention and treatment programs where parents are involved in the therapy process.


To learn more about BASC-3 products, read the overview brochure.

  • Seven scales: Attachment, Communication, Discipline Practices, Involvement, Parenting Confidence, Satisfaction With School, Relational Frustration.
  • Multiple dimensions that are relevant to the development of strong and healthy parent-child relationships.
  • Normative samples, for both female and male raters, that are closely matched to U.S. Census population estimates.
  • Items written at a third-grade reading level.
  • Validity indexes that can be used to detect careless or exaggerated responding.

Sample Reports

The following sample reports are available for BASC-3 PRQ.


Find out how to use this test in your telepractice.

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