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Bruininks Motor Ability Test

  • Brett D. Bruininks, PhD
  • Robert H. Bruininks, PhD

Bruininks Motor Ability Test (BMAT) is an individually administered, standardized test of gross and fine motor skills for adults. It's an adaptation of the trusted BOT-2.

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  • BMAT Adult Scissors Qty 1
    58064 Qualification Level B

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  • BMAT Envelope Qty 1
    58067 Qualification Level B

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    58069 Qualification Level B


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  • BMAT Administration Easel (Print)
    58057 Qualification Level B

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    58062 Qualification Level A


    USD 8.17

  • BMAT Comprehensive Form Record Forms Qty 25 (Print)
    58058 Qualification Level B

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  • BMAT Hand Gripper Blue Qty 1
    58065 Qualification Level B

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  • BMAT Complete Kit (Print)
    58060 Qualification Level B

    Includes Manual (Print), Administration Easel (Print), 25 Comprehensive Record Forms (Print), 25 Comprehensive Form Examinee Booklets (Print), 25 Short Form (Print), 25 Short Form Examinee Booklet (Print), Scoring Transparency (Print), Blocks with String, Penny Pad, Penny Box, 50 Plastic Pennies, Elbow Pad, Tennis Ball, Stopwatch, Red Pen, Black Marker, Adult Scissors, Hand Gripper - Blue, Hand Gripper - Green, Envelope, 4 Numbered Half Cones, Sewing Board with String

    USD 877.57

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  • BMAT Black Marker Qty 1
    58071 Qualification Level B

    USD 3.57

  • BMAT Comprehensive Form Q-global Score Report Qty 1 (Digital)
    58082 Qualification Level B

    USD 3.16

  • BMAT Hand Gripper Green Qty 1
    58066 Qualification Level B

    USD 23.58

  • BMAT Numbered Half-Cones Qty 4
    58068 Qualification Level B

    USD 38.99

  • BMAT Manual (Print)
    58056 Qualification Level B

    USD 143.41

  • BMAT Red Pen Qty 1
    58063 Qualification Level B

    USD 3.57

  • BMAT Ruler Qty 1
    58076 Qualification Level B

    USD 4.83

  • BMAT Number Stickers For Cones (#1 - #4)
    58070 Qualification Level B

    USD 8.17

  • BMAT Scoring Transparency Qty 1 (Print)
    58077 Qualification Level B

    USD 5.87

  • BMAT Penny Pad Qty 1
    58085 Qualification Level B

    USD 70.04

  • BMAT Short Form Response Booklets Qty 25 (Print)
    58081 Qualification Level B

    USD 28.06

  • BMAT Sewing Board with String
    58072 Qualification Level B

    USD 46.92

  • BMAT Short Form Q-global Score Report Qty 1 (Digital)
    58086 Qualification Level B

    USD 1.73

    58074 Qualification Level B


    USD 8.17

  • BMAT Sewing Board Qty 1
    58073 Qualification Level B

    USD 39.79

  • BMAT Comprehensive Form Response Booklets Qty 25 (Print)
    58059 Qualification Level B

    USD 61.30

  • BMAT Short Form Record Forms Qty 25 (Print)
    58080 Qualification Level B

    USD 31.63


Publication date:
Age range:
Adults age 40 and older
Qualification level:
Completion time:
Short Form and Individual Subtests – 15-20 minutes, Complete Battery – 60-75 minutes 
Scoring options:
Q-global® or manual scoring
Report Options:
Comprehensive Form Report or Short Form Report

Product Details

BMAT is ideal for professionals in occupational and physical therapies, nursing, human performance, and physical rehabilitation to determine if clients’ motor function issues need to be addressed before they can live independently. 


  • Set treatment goals and monitor progress.
  • Repeat administrations over the course of treatment and adjust goals, as needed.
  • Administer all the subtests or focus on one or two specific motor skill areas.
  • Receive three score composites: Fine Motor, Gross Motor, and Total Motor.
  • Use the built-in dashboard to administer and score each item (includes instructions and illustrative photos).
  • Short Form offers a quick measure of overall motor ability in just 20 minutes.


Each subtest of BMAT has the content, reliability, validity, and sensitivity to stand on its own. Subtests include:

  • Fine Motor Integration
  • Manual Dexterity
  • Coordination
  • Balance and Mobility
  • Strength and Flexibility

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