Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-IV

  • Theodore Millon, PhD, DSc
  • Seth Grossman, PsyD
  • Carrie Millon, PhD
The Millon® Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-IV helps clinicians quickly identify clients who may require more intensive evaluation. MCMI®-IV reports provide an in-depth analysis of personality and symptom dynamics, and include action-oriented suggestions for therapeutic management. Guidance on using this test in your telepractice.

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  • MCMI-IV Audio CD
    31120 Qualification Level C

    Includes audio CD recording of MCMI-IV test items read aloud

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    31123FM Qualification Level C


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  • MCMI-IV Manual (Print)
    31122 Qualification Level C

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  • MCMI-IV Q Response Booklet Qty 25 (Print)
    31123 Qualification Level C

    Includes test items and Answer Sheet; for use with either Q Local or Q-global systems

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  • MCMI-IV Q-global Starter Kit (Digital)
    A103000281030 Qualification Level C

    Includes Manual (Digital) and 3 Q-global administrations with Interpretive Report (Digital)

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  • MCMI-IV Q-global Interpretive Administration/Report Qty 1 (Digital)
    31125 Qualification Level C

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  • MCMI-IV Q-global Manual (Digital)
    31133 Qualification Level C

    Once ordered, the digital asset is accessible by logging into Q-global and visiting the Q-global Resource Library. It is a view-only digital file.

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  • MCMI-IV Q-global Profile Administration/Report Qty 1 (Digital)
    31126 Qualification Level C

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    100-249 USD 23.58
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  • MCMI-IV: Administration, Scoring, and Basic Interpretation · On Demand · 3 Hours
    A103000250456 Qualification Level B

    This learning consists of four modules and is approximately 3 hours long and is available for one year. This offering introduces the theoretical foundation and structure of the MCMI–IV assessment, including development and standardization, how it relates to Dr Millon’s theory of personality, and detailed lessons on administration, scoring, and interpretation of the assessment.

    USD 299.00


Publication date:
Age range:
18 and older
Reading Level:
5th Grade
Adult inpatient and outpatient clinical sample
Qualification level:
Completion time:
25 to 30 minutes (195 true/false items)
Scoring options:
Q-global® web-based, Q Local™ Software, or Mail-in
Report Options:

Interpretive and Profile Reports


The MCMI-IV offers updated norms that are based on a clinical adult population of 1,547 males and females with a wide variety of diagnoses.

Guidance on using this test in your telepractice.

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Product Details

MCMI-IV provides helpful clinical insights into a patient's personality that allow clinicians to make reliable diagnostic and treatment decisions.


  • Identify deep, pervasive clinical issues.
  • Make informed treatment decisions and plans.
  • Assess disorders based on DSM-5® and ICD-10 classification systems.
  • Access action-oriented suggestions for therapeutic management. 
  • Quickly identify clients who may require more intensive evaluation.


The MCMI-IV assessment can be used in multiple settings, including clinical and counseling, medical, government, and forensic. 

  • New Turbulent scale provides deeper understanding of adult patients experiencing abnormal personality traits.
  • New and updated test items characterizing the evolution of Dr. Millon's personality theory, refreshed to increase clarity and clinical relevance.
  • New and improved narrative content that better integrates results with therapeutic practice and links to personalized treatment.
  • New option to present scale scores using scale abbreviations.
  • Brevity, allowing clinicians to maintain an efficient and productive clinical practice.
  • Extensive normative sample for the MCMI-IV consists of a nationally representative sample of 1,547 males and females with a wide variety of diagnoses.


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Dr. Theodore Millon
Facilitating the therapeutic plans

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Scoring & Reporting


Interpretive Report 

This report provides an in-depth analysis of personality and symptom dynamics. Written with a therapeutic focus, the interpretive report provides the clinician with a foundation upon which treatment plans can readily be made and includes action-oriented suggestions for therapeutic management.

This report also provides:

  • Patient's demographic information
  • Graphic presentation of base rate scores for all scales
  • Listing of possible DSM-5 diagnoses and the associated ICD-10 code sets
  • Treatment Guide - provides short-term treatment options based on individual results
  • Brief Report Summary of results - helping clinicians to begin a course of treatment right away

View a sample MCMI-IV Interpretive Report

MCMI-IV Sample Interpretive Report - Male

MCMI-IV Sample Interpretive Report - Female

MCMI-IV Sample Annotated Interpretive Report

Profile report

The Profile Report provides base rate scores for all 28 scales in an easy-to-read graph. This report can help clinicians to quickly identify clients who may require more intensive evaluation. 

View a sample MCMI-IV Profile Report

MCMI-IV Sample Profile Report - Male

MCMI-IV Sample Profile Report - Female