Childhood Autism Rating Scale | Second Edition

  • Eric Schopler, PhD
  • Mary E. Van Bourgondien, PhD
  • Glenna Janette Wellman, PhD
  • Steven R. Love, PhD

Childhood Autism Rating Scale | Second Edition is a brief rating scale that helps identify autism in children. CARS2 offers an easy-to-use tool that helps distinguish from developmentally disabled children who are not autistic, giving quantifiable ratings based on direct behavior observation.

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Product Details

CARS2 has been revised to cover the entire autism spectrum, including Asperger’s Syndrome.


  • Integrate diagnostic information.
  • Determine functional capabilities.
  • Provide feedback to parents.
  • Design targeted interventions.


CARS2 includes enhancements that make the test more responsive to individuals on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum — those with average or higher IQ scores, better verbal skills, and more subtle social and behavioral deficits.

  • Standard Version Rating Booklet: for use with individuals younger than age 6 and those with communication difficulties or below average estimated IQs.
  • High Functioning Individuals Rating Booklet: use to assess verbally fluent individuals ages 6 and older, with IQ scores above 80.
  • Questionnaire for Parents or Caregivers: an unscored scale that gathers information for use in making Standard and High Functioning ratings.