Diagnostic Evaluation of Articulation and Phonology

  • Barbara Dodd
  • Zhu Hua
  • Sharon Crosbie
  • Alison Holm
  • Anne Ozanne

Diagnostic Evaluation of Articulation and Phonology (DEAP) evaluates articulation and phonological process using a Diagnostic Screen, a diagnostic Articulation Assessment, a diagnostic Phonology Assessment (with a phonological analysis), and an Oral Motor Screen.

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Publication date:
Age range:
3.0 to 8.11 years
Standard scores and percentile ranks for Sounds in Words, Phonological Process Use, and Single Words vs. Connected Speech Agreement Criterion
Qualification level:
Completion time:
Diagnostic Screen 5 minutes; Articulation assessment 10-15 minutes; Phonology assessment 10-15 minutes; Oral Motor Screen 5 minutes
n= 650 with a sample based on the current U.S. population

Product Details

Use DEAP in conjunction with CELF-5, PLS-5, or another comprehensive language test to obtain a complete understanding of a child's speech and language ability.


  • Obtain a differential diagnosis of articulation disorders and disorders of phonological processes.
  • Discriminate children with typical developing speech from children who have delay/disorder.
  • Examine oral motor function using the Oral Motor Screen.
  • Use screening results to customize the DEAP assessment process and develop appropriate therapy plans based on the child's performance.
  • Gain a more comprehensive understanding of the child's needs through the provided validity studies.


DEAP provides you with more assessment options.

  • Quick articulation and phonology screening.
  • Colorful and engaging pictures.
  • Speech sounds are sampled at least twice to ensure that you have a thorough picture of the child's sound system.
  • The Articulation Assessment samples all English sounds, including vowels.
  • The Phonology Assessment provides information about error patterns and differences between single word and continuous speech production.
  • Oral Motor Screen provides a brief assessment of sequencing and accurate and fluent production of speech.

Sample Reports

The following technical report is available for DEAP.

DEAP’s Assessment Process Flow Chart DEAP-GFTA-KLPA Program Feature Comparison


Author of the DEAP, Barbara Dodd presented a workshop on the DEAP.

Please find here links to the workshop materials:

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